System Hospital


Patient rights; It is a unit that was created to help the patients and relatives of the patients who think that they have suffered injustice.

As the main human rights of our patients in the foreground; Our priority is to make all our patients feel privileged based on the principle of equality, regardless of religion, language and race. With the consent of our patients, we diagnose and treat them with the most advanced devices and methods appropriate to today's technology. We serve all patients 7/24 with the same quality by showing the same interest and relevance. The satisfaction and comfort of both patients and their relatives is a principle that we attach importance to as a hospital. We are always with you in order to serve you as respectful, friendly, compassionate and professional.


For the health of our patients and our esteemed visitors, you must comply with the following rules. If you need to leave the service for any reason, please inform our service nurses.

In accordance with Law No. 4207, smoking is strictly prohibited inside the hospital and on fire escape stairs.

Our nurses will be there for you in all situations you need with the nurse call system.

You can use the prayer rugs in your rooms to fulfill the religious obligations.

Patients should deliver all of their medication to service nurses if they have them.

Patients should listen carefully to treatment and medication recommendations and ask for places he/she does not understand.

During your stay in our hospital, you can tell all your needs to service nurses.

Dear accompanists and visitors;

Patient visit should be short until 22:00 in the evening. (Preferably 5-7 minutes)

There should be no more than 2 visitors per patient.

Patient beds should not be seated.

Food should not be brought to the patient without the permission of his / her doctor.

Patient-related treatment materials such as serum set oxygen manometers should not be touched.

Visitors who touch anywhere should immediately wash their hands with soapy water.

Do not speak loudly at the bedside.

Nothing should be eaten with the patient.

Any other patients staying in the same room should not be given any food.

During the visit, other patients should not be disturbed and unnecessary and curious questions should not be asked.

Inappropriate visits should not be made outside the time of visit.

During the visit, depressing words and behaviors should be avoided.

When the visit time is over, the patient's room must be evacuated without warning.

Our accompanists can eat their meals in the cafeteria on the 13th floor according to the room number.

One accompanist meal is defined in each room.

Please note that patients with green clover at the bedside are at risk of falling.

You will be informed by our service nurses if the above-mentioned behaviors are shown next to your patient's entrance or bed.

Accompanists must comply.

Our meal times;

Breakfast: 06:30 to 07:30

Lunch: 11:30 to 13:00

Dinner: 17:00-18:30


Our priority as a hospital is to separate the patients and their relatives after the treatment in a debonairly. That is why we serve you with our patient rooms designed with the latest technology fully thought of your comfort.

Our rooms are spread over 7 floors and there are 13 rooms on each floor. We have a total of 92 beds and 2 VIP rooms in each service.

All rooms have TV and mini fridge and cleaning of our rooms is done meticulously and regularly.

In addition, our cafeteria and free parking departments in our hospital serve for you.

We are at your service 24/7 in our hospital where we think you down to the last detail.