System Hospital emergency department, with its experienced doctors, provides services with high-tech equipment whenever you need it 24/7. In our emergency department, it is the basic principle that the ethical, reliable and effective intervention that is respectful to patient rights should be done by competent hands as quickly as possible.

While the patients in the pediatric age group (0-16 years old) are diagnosed and treated under the supervision of a Pediatric Health and Disease Specialist, the first intervention for our adult patients is performed by the Emergency Department Doctor.

Our emergency service team, who welcomes you as soon as you enter the emergency room, plans your treatment with the awareness that time is the most important factor according to your emergency situation. Our patients, whose examinations are carried out rapidly in the emergency department, are referred to the relevant medical department, laboratory and imaging area, if necessary, and their treatment is continued by our specialist physicians.

When you call our emergency service hotline (444 38 00), you are in safe hands. We provide full-fledged ambulances and, if necessary, patient transports very fastly via helicopter.