Nutrition; growth is the use of nutrients to maintain life and health. In general, nutrition is seen as a concept to be considered in case of a disease. However, in researches, correcting individual diet and health practices reduces preventable diseases, disabilities and premature deaths. Nutritional deficiency and imbalance are direct and indirect causes in some diseases. For this reason, System Hospital Department of Nutrition and Diet provides services on individual diet programs and nutrition trainings in comprehensive diseases on nutrition and diet.

Nowadays, the nutritional status of the patient should be determined and followed with personalized, adequate and balanced nutrition programs in the prevention, treatment and post-disease of many diseases.

Determination of obesity

Many methods are used in the diagnosis of obesity. The most practical and frequently used method is the Body Mass Index (BMI). In order to get an idea of your body weight according to this formula, simply divide your weight (kg) into square meters (m²) of your height and look at the section on the scale below.

BMI Weight (kg) / Length (m²)

BMI VALUES; - Below 18.9 kg / m2 – THIN
-19 to 24.9 kg / m2 – NORMAL
-25 to 29.9 kg / m2 -LIGHT FAT
-30 to 34.9 kg / m2 - FAT (OBESE) (HEALTH RISK!)

In most of our homes, there are those small scales that weirdly make, which we sometimes weigh. The more sensitive we are about our weight, the more often we get on the scales. Every time we exit from that plastic, which stands like a single line in the middle of the scale, many numbers pass by and each passing number shows the weight we are not. That last figure, when I got married, my weight before the first birth, the weight before the last car, the weight before I went to the last soldier, and that white plastic line stops somewhere. If this number is high enough to make us feel the need to be weighed alone, these sentences begin to be formed. I eat up like everyone, they are thin; But whatever I eat, I gain weight,
I try to eat less; but then suddenly I can't stand and attack the food, I can't help myself,
I don't really eat much, I'm not looking for food in the morning and lunch; I'm even forgetting, but I'm out of control in the evening,
I'm in front of the fridge.
I eat a lot when I get angry.

For us, obesity is the victory of our side that we cannot control. We feel awkward, inadequate and weak in the face of abundant crimes. In our society, obesity is becoming more widespread. Here, the changes shaped by the city culture are very important in our social life. Slimming diet treatments have also become quite a popular topic along with this increasing speed. With this popularity, it is observed that many unscientific misinformations mislead our society.