Internal Diseases department is divided into many sub-branches, but it is the center of solution for all complaints of adult patients over the age of 16, except for surgical operation, and is the basis for all clinical branches. The health problems of the majority of patients admitted to our hospital are of interest to Internal Diseases and solutions are offered. Upper and lower respiratory diseases, hypertension, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, thyroid diseases, diabetes, rheumatic diseases, such as many system diseases are included in this broad scale. In summary, the first application center and solution area for all health problems of adults is the Internal Medicine department. Internal Medicine service is provided by Internal Diseases specialists in our hospital for 24 hours. This service includes outpatient polyclinic examinations, inpatient diagnosis, follow-up and treatment, emergency services, pre-operative and post-operative patient evaluations, consultation to other branches and check-up programs. The Department of Internal Medicine, in close cooperation with all branches, produces solutions to the health problems of patients with the most accurate approach within the framework of multidisciplinary understanding. Check-up; it is defined as health scans performed at regular intervals without any problem of the person. Within the scope of this definition, early diagnosis and treatment of many serious diseases can be provided by screening. In addition, special programs for patients are taken measures for future diseases. Check-up is an indispensable part of today's modern medicine.