Our dermatology department is a department of high quality medical and dermatological procedures for skin diseases. The study area of the dermatology includes skin diseases, venereal diseases, hair and nail diseases.

Botox, filler, mesotherapy, PRP treatments are also applied.

Skin Diseases

Allergic skin diseases are gradually increasing due to modern lifestyles and changing environmental conditions. Finding the causes of skin diseases such as Atopic Eczema, Contact Eczema, Urticaria (Hives); It is very important to understand whether it is internal or external, in addition to the first-line treatment, in order to prevent chronicity and recurrence of the diseases.

This form of treatment, which is based on the suppressive effect of sunlight on the immune system of the skin, is highly effective for many years in the immune system diseases such as Psoriasis (Psoriasis), Vitiligo (white spots), Parapsoriasis, Mycosis fungoides (skin lymphoma). This method is often the first method of treatment should be selected.

Venereal Diseases

Early diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases are very important for public health and preventive medicine.

Syphilis (Syphilis): This bacterial disease, which is transmitted from skin and mucous membranes through sexual contact, shows its first symptoms in the form of wounds, rashes and redness on the skin and mucous membranes.

Gonorrhea: In mucosal areas of sexual contact such as urethra, rectum it may shows its symptoms after two to four days from the contact with discharge, but most patients are asymptomatic carriers.

Common Skin Diseases

Skin diseases. There are too many skin diseases. Skin diseases are generally referred to as dermatosis and the related science is called dermatology. It is possible to divide it into several sections in order to get a general idea about skin diseases.
Skin Infections (fungal diseases, warts)
Gland Diseases (pimples, scalp dandruff)
Allergic Skin Diseases (atopic eczema, contact eczema [contact eczema], cosmetic allergy, insect bites)
Drug Reactions
Urticaria (Hives)
Psoriasis (Psoriasis)
Behcet 's Syndrome
Skin Tumors
Hair Diseases
Nail Diseases
Excessive Sweating
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Syphilis).