The general surgery department has world-class service opportunities with its equipment and infrastructure that combines professional doctors with experience and knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and all non-cancer diseases.

In our endoscopy unit: colonoscopy, gastroscopy, rectosigmoidoscopy, biopsies, PEG implantation can be performed. The procedures are performed in full monitorized and anesthetized accompaniment with sedoanalgesia in accordance with hygiene conditions. The proctology center is also equipped with advanced technology and serves as a separate unit.

Another area of interest of general surgery is trauma surgery. Because of the presence of injuries of the multiorgan system in trauma patients, it acts in coordination with other trauma surgery departments.

In the general surgery department of our hospital, screening and detailed follow-up programs for early diagnosis of colon cancer and breast cancer, and seminars for both patients and health personnel are given for the promotion and training of community health related to preventive doctors.

When separated according to systems; obesity surgeries, goiter surgeries, breast surgeries, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus region operations, liver and hernia operations are included in general surgery. In some cases, general surgery is not only related to surgery but also aims to protect from surgery with preventive medicine.