In our gynecology and obstetrics clinic, post-cesarean natural deliveries and painless caesarean deliveries are performed along with surgeries of all gynecologic diseases. This clinic serves 24/7 for our expectant mothers.

Painless Normal Birth

Pain during childbirth is one of the strongest pain in the world. Many expectant mothers who want to have normal birth are experiencing serious fears because of the pain to be experienced. Methods for reducing this severe pain as a result of contraction of uterine muscles have been tried for years. Currently the most reliable method is pidurol application. Birth pain with a drug administered from the catheter placed in the epidural space is not felt temporarily, so delivery with epidural anesthesia is called painless birth.

When is cesarean birth done?

Caesarean birth is performed in cases where the infant advances from the birth canal, does not progress at the desired rate, early separation of the placenta, multiple pregnancies are applied in cases where the birth canal of the mother is not suitable for the birth of the baby. Caesarean birth is primarily a surgical condition and, of course, involves risk, but it is a life-saving operation for the mother and the baby when things are not going well for the mother and the baby.

Threat of miscarrige

We consider vaginal bleeding as a threat of miscarriage in early pregnancy. In fact, vaginal bleeding is very common in the first month of pregnancy. More than 25 weeks of all pregnancies less than 20 weeks, more or less bleeding occurs. About half of these patients result in miscarriage in pregnancy. In the other half, pregnancy continues normally.

In case of the threat of miscarriage, we recommend taking plenty of fluids.

Activity restriction may be made according to the severity of bleeding.

In cases of severe bleeding, appropriate treatment should be initiated under the control of a doctor and in such a case pregnant woman should be hospitalized.

Iodine support during pregnancy

Iodine is an element with many functions such as brain nervous system, development and regulation of basal metabolic rate. Its main sources are seafood, meat, milk, eggs and vegetables. In case of deficiency, goitre in new birth, hypothyroidism and brain nervous system development disorders may occur. Iodine need may increase during pregnancy. World health organization recommends 250 mcg daily iodine intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Ovarian cyst

The cyst is a mass containing fluid surrounded by tissue. Ovarian cysts are mostly caused by hormonal disorders. It is often detected during routine checks that do not cause complaints.

Menstrual irregularities may occur on the edge swelling. Routine controls for diagnosis and treatment at appropriate time should not be neglected.