As System Hospital, we work with knowledgeable, skilled and successful doctors who are experienced in otorhinolaryngology and have served as training members in university clinics.

Both outpatient services and inpatient services and surgeries continue successfully.

All related surgeries are performed in our department.

Tinnitus hearing loss and tympanic membrane surgery are successfully performed in our hospital.

Our auricle surgeries are appreciated by our treated patients.

We successfully perform vertigo balance tests and treatments.

Nasal flesh, cartilage curvatures, odor disorders, nasal obstructions are treated.

Salivary gland surgery is performed successfully.

We achieve very healthy results in rhinoplasty.

Tonsil and nasal flesh surgery is done without blood with thermal devices.

Since nasal flesh inhibits the oxygen of the brain, it affects the school success of children.

Moles and traces that disrupt facial aesthetics are successfully destroyed.

Lip and tongue cancer is eliminated and aesthetically, no trace is left.

Laryngeal cancer surgery is performed within the framework allowed by the Ministry of Health.

Lumps and swelling of the neck are diagnosed and treated medically and surgically.

We have very successful results in snoring surgery.

System hospital is always with you for medical and surgical treatment.